Auto Test Racks

  • ‚ÄčGeneric Power Supply Test Racks
  • Product Specific Test Racks – Rf & Power
  • Customized Test Sets for microprocessor controlled devices
  • In-process manufacturing test stations

Power Supply Test Station

The SCE PDG Test Station is specially designed to test a 400Hz, 19 output power supply that powers the pilot CRT displays in the F16 aircraft. It includes 19 programmable loads that were designed and built at SCE specifically for this project. The Test Station can exercise the power supply across all specification loads (full, nominal, short circuit, etc.), and any line voltage in any combination that is desired.


Low Noise Amplifier Test Station


This RF test rack fully tests the LNA assembly used in the AN/APG-68 Radar (F-16 & B-1 Bomber). It was developed to assist in the repair of legacy LNA’s and production testing of newly designed LNA’s. Operation system is Windows 2000/Visual Basic.


5V, 500A Power Supply Test Station ; F-16 Fire Control Radar

The SCE PSP Test Station performs 183 tests in 14 minutes to fully characterize the SCE Programmable Signal Processor power supply for all specified limits and load conditions. It is functionally equivalent to existing Government equipment found throughout the world, at 1/10 the cost.