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Since 1989 SC Electronics has been a supplier of high-tech power supplies and other electronics to a niche market.

We build electronic devices that are form/fit/function equivalent to an existing unit which is either no longer available, or for which the customer, often DOD, is looking for a less expensive, qualified source.

It is an interesting niche that has exposed our Engineering and Production groups to very many completely new and different electronic assemblies in a relatively short length of time. Additionally, since much of our work involves 'Reverse Engineering', sometimes from a sample but usually just written specs, we have become quite familiar with the internal design of many assemblies. Naturally we note and retain good ideas and discard poor designs.

Since our original customer was DOD, we early on-acquired test equipment and expertise to perform many Mil-Spec environmental tests in-house, both to prove our designs and to certify their capabilities to our government customers. Additionally, our customers require strict process control, including: Parts Selection, In-Process Inspection and Data Collection. Because of these requirements we have developed extensive systems for Inventory Control, Process Control, and Configuration Management.

All manufacturing and development is done at our 70,0000 sq. ft. plant in Azle, TX. Our building is of modern tilt-up construction and is specially designed to facilitate our manufacturing and engineering processes. Test and inspection areas are located adjacent to assembly areas for ease of flow. The facility includes a Machine Shop, Electronic Assembly areas, Environmental and EMI Test Laboratories, Engineering Labs, Metrology Lab, Quality Assurance Department and Administrative Office areas which include Purchasing, Contracts and Document Configuration Management.

SCE Model 950A Ruggedized Power Supply

NSN 6130-01-552-8132

Universal Input Power Supply We manufactured over 1000 units for the US Army.

Other cable connections and user manual available for this unit.

950A Specs click here to view the specifications for this supply.

SCE 658 Mixer Diode Mount

​This simple part is a mixer diode mount also for the AN/APQ 122 Radar. We turned out 100 in just a few days for an anxious customer.

SCE Model 4107 Ion Pump Supply

SCE Model 4108, CRT Supply

Another high voltage drop-in replacement power supply.

Supply is used in the APQ-122 Radar and variants. A popular radar, which is widely used in the Hercules C-130 and similar aircraft. Specs are identical to the NLA OEM part, down to the ceramic HV connector.

4108 Specs click here to view the specifications for this supply.
NSN 6130-00-444-2809

This supply is a small high voltage power supply used as a TWT Ion Pump for the AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jammer.

This system is typically flown on E6-B Prowler Aircraft. Unit is 100% drop-in compatible and is a fully qualified replacement for the Raytheon supply.

4107 Specs click here to view the specifications for this supply.

SCE Model 601 Anti Lock Brake Test System

SCE Model 750 Power Supply

Specialized ground support equipment to test operation of the antilock brake system on the JSF F-35 Fighter aircraft. System consists of two servo stepper motors, hub adapter for attaching to the aircraft and a programmable electronic control. Shown are the motors with adapter coupled to dynamic brakes during calibration. SCE builds this equipment for CPMT who provides it to Lockheed Martin Corp. It is used all over the world and is CE / ATEX compliant. 

SCE Model 2900, 3-Watt

NSN 6130-01-473-8223

This large 3KW supply is a form fit function replacement for the OEM Westinghouse APG-68 Fire Control Radar PSP supply.

Used in the F-16 fighter aircraft and the B1.

750 Specs click here to view the specifications for this supply.
NSN 6130-00-162-9948ZR

115VAC to ±15V /100mA. This small modular military DC power supply, is fully sealed in an anodized aluminum case, machined from solid billet for minimum EMI and maximum environmental resistance.

2900 Specs click here to view the specifications for this supply.