Power Supplies

SCE Model 750, Power Supply

NSN 6130-01-473-8223

This large 3KW supply is a form fit function replacement for the OEM Westinghouse APG-68 Fire Control Radar PSP supply.  Used in the F-16 fighter aircraft and the B1.

750 specs

SCE Model 950A, Ruggedized Power Supply

NSN 6130-01-552-8132

Universal Input Power Supply. We manufactured over 1000 units for the US Army. Other cable connections and user manual available for this unit. 950A specs

SCE Model 410, Bipolar Power Supply

These units are 1.5KW, 20A, 75V programmable, bipolar power supplies.  Loads vary from a few 100’s of milliohms in resistance and a few 100’s millihenries in inductance to a few ohms and approximately 1 Henry.  The power supplies are remotely controlled. 410 Specs

SCE Model 825, Navy Ruggedized Power Supply

825 specs

SCE Model 4107, Ion Pump Supply

NSN 6130-00-444-2809

This supply is a small high voltage power supply used as a TWT Ion Pump for the AN/ALQ-99 Tactical Jammer. This system is typically flown on E6-B Prowler Aircraft. Unit is 100% drop-in compatible and is a fully qualified replacement for the Raytheon supply. 4107 specs

SCE Model 450, High Precision Power Supply

This family of high precision power supplies was custom developed for Brookhaven National Laboratory to power superconducting Corrector and Control Magnets for the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC).  Six hundred and fifty units are located around the two mile ring. 450 specs

SCE Model 350 DC to DC Converter

350 specs

SCE Model 1200, Brake Release Power Supply

NSN 6130-01-223-5716

Supply is a build to print per AVSCOM for Army Aviation.

SCE Model 100

This power supply was designed as a drop-in replacement for the Raytheon High Voltage A2 module in the standard FAA Air Traffic Controller Display Console. The circuit is a conventional self-oscillating push-pull converter. High Voltage Supply.  100 specs

SCE Model 4108, CRT Supply

Another high voltage drop-in replacement power supply.

Supply is used in the APQ-122 Radar and variants. A popular radar, which is widely used in the Hercules C-130 and similar aircraft. Specs are identical to the NLA OEM part, down to the ceramic HV connector. 4108 specs

SCE Model 1040

This little power supply was a Build-to-Schematic-Parts List & Test Procedure, for the FAA. It is part of a display console used by domestic Air Traffic Controllers. Acceptance Testing consisted of dropping it into a system. SCE reversed engineered the transformer which carried only a TI number for which no information was available. The unit is full militarized design and construction including a MIL-T-27 transformer.  1040 specs

SCE Model 200

A low voltage miniature DC to DC regulated converter which is form/fit/function compatible with Technetics 9548 series of converters while offering better regulation and greater efficiency.

This particular unit was designed for use in the Hawk Missile System.  200 specs

SCE Model 2000

This is a prototype, small, precision high voltage power supply designed for use in the Infrared Imaging System of the M1 tank. It is designed for survival in a high-radiation environment and employs no CMOS logic and only specially-selected or approved parts. 2000 specs

 SCE Model 2900

NSN 6130-00-162-9948ZR

115VAC to ±15V /100mA. Small modular military DC power supply. 2900 specs

 SCE Model 3000

The SCE 3000 series power supply is a small, modular 400Hz AC to DC supply which outputs +12V @ 2.0A.  3000 specs 

 SCE Model 3001

NSN 6130-01-308-8632

The SCE 3001 is a hermetically sealed AC input, dual DC output power supply, used in the Aids to Navigation (ATON) equipment. It is a large linear supply that controls a flashing buoy. Noteworthy for its very tight transient requirements – 0 to full load can cause no more than a few percent overshoot.  3001 specs

The unit must operate in a marine environment.

 SCE Model 3100

 SCE Model 3200

Supply is equivalent to Abbott Transistor Laboratories W series, with significantly improved performance. 3200 specs

SCE Model 3300

NSN 6130-01-158-0983

Three output, modular off-line switching power supply. Equivalent to Abbott’s W15AYX1-2.5.  3300 specs

SCE Model 3500

SCE Model 3600

SCE Model 3700

Switching power supply. Equivalent to Abbott Transistor Laboratories MB series with significantly improved performance.  3700 specs

SCE Model 3750

SCE Model 4000

This high voltage power supply is one of several developed by SCE to be form-fit-function equivalent to units built by Venus Electronics (NY), now part of Eldec (WA).  4000 specs

SCE Model 4001

NSN 6130-01-065-0243

This militarized, miniature high voltage supply contains a fixed duty cycle push-pull MOSFET converter operating at 250Khz. 4001 specs

SCE Model 4400

This high voltage supply is part of a dual-display radar system. It has some very impressive specs.  4400 specs

SCE Model 4500

This unit, part of a shipboard radar system, was originally built by Cardion Electronics (NY), and was awarded to us as a build-to-print.  4500 specs

SCE Model 4800

NSN 5841-00-444-2815

This dual output, full military, high voltage supply powered a Direct View Storage CRT in an aircraft environment.  4800 specs

SCE Model 5500

NSN 6130-01-033-5068

Equivalent to the old Venus Electronics (NY) now part of Eldec (WA) Model LR-15. Push-pull self-oscillating converter operating at about 40KHz.  5500 specs

SCE Model 4011

SCE Model 800

The SCE 800 is a miniature high performance, full militarized linear power supply.  This series provides up to 140 watts in a single output version and 120 watts in a dual.  Unit is a flat profile, base conduction cooled.  800 specs