Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

Simulator Specs

Features of our

Flight Simulator include:

  • High-fidelity Bell 206 helicopter simulator
  • High-resolution graphic display for Instrument depiction.
  • To scale Cab and authentic flight-control system
  • Garmin GTN 750 look alike
  • Remotely trip able and re-settable circuit breakers
  • Electronic compass
  • Integrated Operator Control Station

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SCE has developed a line of customizable high-fidelity rotary-wing (helicopter) flight dynamic simulators for training, human factors research and part-task trainers. The first unit has been sold to the FAA Cami Lab, OK, City. Our simulators include an enclosed cockpit shell, an “instructor’s” control station, high-resolution graphic display(s) for instrumentation depiction, out-the-window visual scene display and an audio communications system.

These are based on a blade element rotor model (BERM), Pitt-Peters model for rotor downwash velocity, the Bailey’s tail rotor mode, finete element method for ground interaction with the undercarriage and customized turbine performance engines which accutrately simulate startup procedures. Coming soon is forced feedback and six degree of motion platform.